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22 July 2012

Bloggers Like Me

Hey, ladies! 

Most of you have probably already heard about Bloggers Like Me. It's a Facebook group created by Leslie of Fashion Du Jour.

"Created by Fashion Du Jour, this is a community of bloggers dedicated to the positive exchange of ideas, tips and advice about FASHION, BEAUTY, RELATIONSHIPS and FAITH through blogging, meet ups and social networking."
Taken from the BLM Facebook Page

When you join the group you're able to share your blog, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or any other social network id. It also gives you a chance to come across many other great blogs. Check out it!

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Red Lips - MAC Ruby Woo

w/o flash


I love this lipstick! It's a matte, so it can be a little drying. You definitely need a moisturizer under it.
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Mini Getaway

Hey ladies!

Last weekend my two best friends and I had a mini getaway. We had plans for Six Flags, but decided to postpone that. Instead we had a sleepover (Yes, we still have those... lol!), did a little shopping, and went to Dave and Buster's.

 Our sleepover was Friday night.  I always enjoy spending good quality time with these two. It's never a dull moment! We have plenty of laughs and make crazy memories every time we're together!

We planned to head to Atlanta that Saturday morning. Who were we fooling? We didn't leave until noon. Put us together and you have all kinds of slow! Trying to get a few quick pictures is usually the issue!

Our first stop was Atlantic station. While looking for parking I spotted Target and y'all know I couldn't just drive by! A little browsing, a quick mirror picture, and a cute scarf on clearance for $5 then we headed to Atlantic Station.

It was so hot and my purse was so heavy that I might have been too irritated for any pictures in Atlantic Station. We made a stop at the MAC counter in Dillard's and guess what I finally got!!! No... guess!! Ruby Woo! I've been wanting it for a while, so I finally gave in to temptation. 

We also stopped by Lenox Square before we headed to Dave and Buster's. I went in Forever 21 and bought nothing. It's definitely a store that I would prefer to shop online. It was a little too overwhelming for me.

This was my first time at Dave and Buster's and I really enjoyed myself! I LOVE to have fun so I definitely have to go back soon. I was being a follower and tried a peach long island iced tea... no thanks. It was a little too sweet for me. But who was going to waste a drink?

This was the first game that we played and after that we were too busy enjoying ourselves to take any more pictures. 

Overall, it was a good couple of days and nice little break from normalcy. 

What have you ladies been up to lately?

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01 July 2012


Hey, ladies!

I haven't posted anything on my hair lately, so I thought I'd share a few pictures from Instagram. I've gotten pretty lazy with it over the last few months. I've gone from washing once a week to every 2-3 weeks. Since it's getting longer, the amount of time it takes to detangle, wash, and style is too long to do it every week. Mo' hair, mo' problems! Lol! 

My detangling time was getting horrible! Honestly, there were a couple of times that I wanted to cry or scream! Yes, it was that bad. But I'm mostly to blame for that. For one, my ends needed trimming very badly (quite a few single strand knots on my ends = many tangled messes) and I was holding on to length. I finally did a trim a couple of weeks ago. Second, a couple of times I hopped in the shower with a tangled puff. In my best southern accent... LAWD!!! Those were the couple of times that I wanted to cry!

 So I trimmed and have vowed to NEVER again wash before detangling. And until further notice I will only wash my hair in twists. Now that I'm done with that rant, here are the pictures.

1. 6/2/12 This was my best braid out yet. I LOVED this!!!
2. 6/15/15 A shrunken twist out
3. 6/16/12 This is a second day twist out, which aren't usually my favorite (I prefer BIG hair), but I was really happy with this.
4. 5/28/12 My puff is getting big y'all!
5. 6/29/12 Another FABULOUS braid out.
6. 5/30/12 A blow out using the tension method. I was very surprised to see my length. This was my first blow out in about a year. 

Now after watching this long Bet Awards, I have to go do something to my hair for tomorrow... maybe... if I can peel myself off of the couch! Talk to you ladies later!

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