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30 March 2012

Mix & Match... What Say You?

Hey ya'll! Now I'm all about having your own style, but what do you ladies think of this?

Two different shoes? Ummm... no thank you, Raven Symone! But I do love her hair and that red lip! I actually like the entire look... until we get down to the shoes.

What say you?

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Hot Look - Jennifer Lopez

Hey ladies! Jennifer definitely just gave me inspiration to get back in the gym! This neon yellow Michael Kors dress is EVERYTHING!


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29 March 2012

March Photo A Day Challenge: 29

My chubby feet after a half done pedicure.

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27 March 2012

NOTW - Static Electricity

Hey y'all! So I was browsing through Dollar General the other day and I came across this L.A. Colors - Color Craze polish. It was only $1 (maybe $2... but I can't remember), so I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it and I'm glad I did. I love this color! With only one coat, it was pretty much opaque. I did a second coat just because that's what I'm use to doing. I will definintely be going back for more colors!

Later y'all!
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23 March 2012

I Love It!

Y'all know I love Bey! (Yes, Bey, like we're friends). I thought these pictures were too cute and I just had to share them. I'm a sucker for love too!

Y'all care? Lol!

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22 March 2012

OOTD - Simplicity

Hey ladies! First, of course I always feel the need to apologize for the picture quality. But it is what it is for right now! 

Now on to the outftit... there's really nothing special about it. I just felt like posting it today *shrugs.* It was a rainy day, but I wanted to put on heels without doing too much,  so I decided to go with this basic tee and jeans. I got this tee from Target and they're so comfortable that I had to go back for another one!

After work today I decided I wanted to treat my beau to a quick meal, so we went to Applebee's. After that I talked him into stopping by a park near our place for a few quick pictures. And his impatience with me wanting to take picture after picture is why I rushed and didn't really get any good ones. Oh well!

T-Shirt: Mossimo from Target // Jeans: Levi's // Shoes: Mossimo Pearlie

I'll definitely have to get some Dr. Scholl's for the next time that I wear these.

Later y'all!

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20 March 2012

Isabel Marant High-Top Suede Sneakers

Hey y'all! So if you follow any fashion blogs, which I'm sure most of you do, I'm sure these sneakers are no stranger to you.

 When I first saw them, I didn't like them at all! I thought they were the ugliest things that I had seen in a while! Lol! But the more I saw them, they really grew on me. Beyonce, Tracee Ellis-Ross, and Alicia Keys obviously liked them also!

I think these are my favorite.

The all black are my second favorite.

But when I saw this picture...
Folake from StylePantry
I was officially in love with the Isabel Marant sneakers!

What do you think of theses?
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15 March 2012

March Photo A Day Challenge: 15

I was on my way to the Magic City Classic in October and I spotted this van! I love me some AUBURN TIGERS!!! War Eagle!!!
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Face of the Day (FOTD)


Hey ladies! I was sitting home bored and decided to get in a little makeup practice! This picture from Pinterest was my inspiration. Of course my camera doesn't show the true colors. It was a tad bit darker. How did I do?
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14 March 2012

Kim K's Shoe Heaven

Y'all already know... I have a special place in my heart for shoes. So when I saw this post on ShoeAcidal, I just had to share it with y'all! If you love shoes as much as I do, you might want to grab a towel to wipe your mouth!

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Comments Update

Hey y'all! Just wanted to let y'all know that the reply issue with the comments has been fixed! Yesss! I was so frustrated with not having the threaded comments and even more frustrated that it took the designer a full week to respond to my email. But hey... it's a free template, so what can I say! Lol! I'm just happy that the issue has been resolved! Now I can breath a sigh of relief. Yes, it was that serious to me! I'm starting to really love this blog and I need everything to be exactly how I want it! Enough of my rambling! Talk to y'all later!
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Protective Style Preview

Hey ladies! I decided to put my hair in mini twists for a couple of weeks. Here's a quick preview...

I'll do a full post later with more pictures and details. It's so hard to get decent pictures... ugh... and I'm just not in the mood right now! Later y'all!

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March Photo A Day Challenge: 14

I love this picture! I took it at my beau's softball game.
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13 March 2012

Who doesn't love free stuff?

I know I do! I enter giveaways from time to time, but I've only ever won once. Maybe I'll have better luck with this giveaway over at Eyes, Lips, & Curls. You can also enter! The steps are pretty simple and you can follow the link to enter. Here's a picture of the prizes.

Courtney's giveaway ends on 3/16 @ 11:59 PM EST. Good luck and wish me luck!
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10 March 2012

Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Creme

*Singing in my best Beyonce or Etta James voice*

Attttttt laassttt! My love... has come along!

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09 March 2012

Today's Hair

Well... the pictures are from yesterday, but my hair was like this today also.

Excuse the hand that decided to make an appearance.

I've been giving my hair a break, but I think my hair is so boring when I just pin all of the twists up, so I decided to do a bang.

Later y'all!

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08 March 2012

March Shoe Clubs

Hey ladies! Since I love shoes, it would only make sense that I'm subscribed to all of the popular shoe clubs (JustFab, ShoeDazzle, Shoe Mint, & Sole Society), right? Even if it is just for browsing and I've never purchased a pair o_0... lol! So I thought it would fun to share my picks with you every month.

Shoe Mint Veronique $79.98
I haven't really been into the pointed toes, but I LOVE this shoe! This color is gorgeous!

JustFab Vonzell $39.95
This isn't a shoe that I would be dying to have, but it was better than the other options. 

ShoeDazzle Tai $39.95
I like the style of this shoe. I'm not sure if I'm crazy about the colors and I would like it better if it were suede.
 Sole Society Shelby $49.95
Again, not a shoe I would be dying to have. However, the other options weren't any better. But the more I look at this shoe, the more I like it.

So those are my picks for March. If you're interested in either of the sites, you can use the links above. Are you a member of any shoe clubs? Do you purchase regularly?
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Canon... I Need YOUR Help!

How badly I want a Canon T2i or T3i. 

I'm drooling as I type this post. *sigh* I'm trying to decide if I want to save up for one of these two or purchase from QVC with their flex pay. Or........... just find something less expensive. It really pained me to say that. I want to get into photography... which is my main reason for wanting one of these cameras. Otherwise, I would definitely just find a less expensive good quality camera for blog pictures. Which brings me to my question: What camera do you use for your blog pictures? I think I'll end up settling right now just so that I can give you all decent pictures here asap. So let me know... because frankly, I haven't done any research at all. It seems like too much boring work reading review after review... lol. So I appreciate your help in advance.

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07 March 2012

March Photo A Day Challenge: 7

I LOVE these two mascaras together!
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Replying to Comments

Hey y'all! I recently made a change to the blog, as I'm sure you've noticed, using a template that I found online. After applying the changes, I noticed that the reply option in the comment section no longer works! Ugh! I do respond to each comment, but for now it won't be an actual "reply" to a particular comment. It will just be a comment and I will be sure to mention the user I'm responding to. I have contacted the designer of the template, so hopefully this will be resolved soon.

Later y'all!

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Hazard - NOTW

Love this color, but it took 3 thick coats to get it opaque.

Sidenote: How badly I want a new camera!! In due time... in due time!
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06 March 2012

Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Hey y'all! So I've definitely been neglecting the natural hair corner of All Things Me! Mainly because there hasn't been much going on with my hair lately. However... I've been meaning to do sort of a review for this product...

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March Photo A Day Challenge: 6

This is what I'm doing at 5 pm... lounging and blogging.
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