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08 March 2012

Canon... I Need YOUR Help!

How badly I want a Canon T2i or T3i. 

I'm drooling as I type this post. *sigh* I'm trying to decide if I want to save up for one of these two or purchase from QVC with their flex pay. Or........... just find something less expensive. It really pained me to say that. I want to get into photography... which is my main reason for wanting one of these cameras. Otherwise, I would definitely just find a less expensive good quality camera for blog pictures. Which brings me to my question: What camera do you use for your blog pictures? I think I'll end up settling right now just so that I can give you all decent pictures here asap. So let me know... because frankly, I haven't done any research at all. It seems like too much boring work reading review after review... lol. So I appreciate your help in advance.


  1. My advice would be to buy it outright. That way its done and out the way and you wont have to worry about another monthly bill. I personally use my iPhone for my pics but am thinking about the Nikon 1 :)

    Also if your confortable try looking on eBay. I'm a gadget girl myself and it has been AMAZING. Whenever I want a new toy I sell my old one and use that money towards the new one. I literally made money off the new netbook I have buy selling my old one.

    Hope it helps! Love you blog btw :)

  2. I have been interested in the T3i. Right now I use a Nikon Coolpix S8000. What i like about the T3I camera is the fact that you can move the Lcd screen around, it may come in handy when doing photography. And of course I love the quality of the pictures. I think they're both really good cameras, either one you get would be fine. Myself personally would opt for the flex pay with qvc.

  3. Thanks, Q! I agree with not having another monthly bill, but I want it SO badly! Lol! I think I'll do a little research though, before I make an impulse buy. I have the Nikon S70 and it turned me against Nikon. It's a horrible camera! I've been thinking about selling it in order to purchase another one. I'll definitely check eBay when I decide what exactly I want. Thanks, again!

  4. Thanks, Jasmine! I have the Nikon S70 right now and I hate it! So I'm a little scared of Nikon now. It takes awful pictures! I have to take 5 pictures to get a clear shot! That's why I pretty much only use phone for pictures now. How do you like the S8000?

  5. I have a Canon XTi it is the version under the T2i and it is virtually the same camera except the ISO doesn't go as high...which means you can't take that great of a picture indoors without a flash or tripod. I said all of that to say. You may want to take a look at the older versions first. They are way cheaper and if you decided to upgrade later the lenses are interchangeable.

    I am also thinking about getting a smaller Canon or an iPhone. It is such a hassle to lug that big camera around to events and such.

  6. Thanks, Mimi! I'm definitely going to check out the XTi also. I really want a Canon! But I think I'll start with one of their lower end cameras.


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