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18 June 2012

Wedding Wear


Hey ladies! Here's what I wore to attend one of my co-worker's wedding this weekend. You've seen the top before here and the pants are from my new found love... Target! (I've even considered getting a part time job there to get the discount!) Lol! But yeah... here's a close up of the print.

Now to be honest, when I see something that I like, I go to the price tag first. What can I say? I'm really frugal. But when I saw this print the price didn't really matter (they were only $20). I LOVE these pants and they are so comfortable!

Of course I was in a hurry to leave, so the above two pictures are all that I could get before leaving. The other two were taken later that night.

Top  - Candie's via Kohl's // Pants - Target (not sold online, but can view and find in store here) // Shoes - Carlos Santana via Ross

Necklace - thrifted // Watch - Merona for Target

Funny story: I had a first. My first public fall! Yes!!! Walking into the church before the wedding. Thank God there were only a few people to witness - my beau, two friends, and the two men standing at the doors of the church. I was going up the steps into the church and I guess the last step was a little higher than I thought. I screamed before I hit the ground. The first thing that touched down was my right knee. You don't even want to see it. It's bad! Once I fell... the first thing I did? Made sure there wasn't a hole in my pants! Who wants to walk around all day at a wedding and reception with a hole in their pants? And I thought I was cute! Honey, forget a scraped knee! I'll see about that later! Lol! Y'all I really hit it hard! It's still pretty painful now. The knee is the worst place! I can't bend it at all without it being painful. But whatever! I'm really just glad my pants survived the fall to see another day!

Oh and what's surprising to me is that I thought it was funny instead of being embarrassed. Have you ever fell in public? Were you embarrassed?


  1. I adore those pants. The print is so divine, lol. I really want to go to my local Target and find them. Very stylish look <3

    I remember publicly falling once, but no one saw it. Lucky me! I'm sorry about your fall :(

    1. Thanks, Miss Dre! I can't wait to wear them again!

      Yes, lucky you that you had no witnesses!

  2. those pants are great!! and i love your hair as well!


  3. I'm also in love with the print of these pants as well as the fit. I love that they have a loose fit..Perfect!! Also the color of the top is gorgeous as well and I love how you paired them both! :)

    1. Thanks, Tye! I wasn't sure about them together at first, but once the outfit was on I loved it!

  4. Those pants are too cute! Love that print. Now following your blog!


    1. Thanks, Ashley! I fell in love with the print too! I wish they'd had other colors! Thanks for following!

  5. Your pants are lovely and the color of your blouse. Chic combination!

  6. You look beautiful!!! I've been reading your posts about your hair, and I love your hair!


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