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25 May 2012

Date Night OOTD

Hey ladies!

This will be really quick! My beau and I went out to my favorite Mexican restaurant last Saturday for a quick bite to eat.

Shirt - Old Navy // Jeans - Levi's // Shoes - Charles Albert

Talk to you ladies later!

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24 May 2012

Accessorized on a Dime

 I've been wanting a gold chain necklace for a while now. I'm still looking since this one isn't as long as I'd wanted. I found this in a thrift store for only $3.99! Of course I couldn't leave it there!

 We know Michael Kors watches are all the rave right now, right? I love the look of a gold MK watch with bangles and bracelets. However, I don't love the look enough to spend the money! This watch? $12.99 from my favorite place.... Target!

I found these at Walmart for no more than $1.50 per pair. Guess what... They were buttons! Yep! I clipped off the backs and attached earring backs? (or whatever they're called) using a hot glue gun. The black and gold pair is my favorite!

I love a good deal! Talk to you ladies later!
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23 May 2012

Girls Night Out

Hey ladies!

Last Friday, two of my best friends and I went to Applebees's for drinks and a very late birthday celebration! I always have a good time with these girls. I wish we could do this more often! Here are a few outfit pics. 

*I was rushing and didn't feel in my brows. o_0 I was hesitant to post these pics. Lol!

 Top & Jean Vest - Old // Pants & Shoes - Target // Fedora - Forever 21

We wouldn't be us without a little craziness!

Later ladies!
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21 May 2012

Beautiful Textures Tangle Taming Moisturizing Shampoo

 Hey ladies! 

So there was a lot of hype around the Beautiful Textures line when it was released a couple of months ago. I read a lot of reviews and praises! If you remember from this post, I sang my own praises about their Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Creme. Since I liked it so much, I contemplated trying the shampoo. 

For the first 14 months of being natural, I only used the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus shampoo, so that was all I knew. (I'm far from a product junkie. I find what works for me and stick with it). But any who... I heard someone on YouTube mention that the SM shampoo made their hair feel very stripped. Again... it was all I knew... so I didn't think much of it. 

Later on, I read a review saying how moisturizing the Beautiful Textures shampoo is, so I decided to try it out. The verdict? I.LOVE.IT.  With this shampoo my hair is clean without that squeaky stripped feeling that I got from the SM shampoo. A bonus? It's a little less expensive! I'm all about saving when I can!

As for the ingredients, it's definitely not all natural. Good thing that doesn't matter to me! If you care to know what ingredients are in the shampoo... take a gander!
The shampoo retails for about $7. It can be found at Walmart, Sally's, or your local beauty supply store. Let me know if you decide to try it or you have already! 

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Influenster Spring Beauty VoxBox

Hey, ladies! I've received my first Influenster VoxBox!

I signed up for Influenster thinking that I wouldn't be chosen (at least not any time soon) due to the "small scale" of my blog. So I was really excited when I received the email notifying me that I was selected to receive the Spring Beauty VoxBox. It made me feel official! Lol!

The back of the card lists each item in the box and a description.  I've only tried two of the items, so this post is really just to show the products in the Spring Beauty VoxBox. I'll do a separate post (within the next couple of weeks) once I've had a chance to try out everything.

 Sheer Cover Duo Concealer - I haven't heard of this brand, so I don't have much to say until I try it.

 I'm reluctant to try this. I'm very particular about my lip balm! Lol! We'll see how it goes!

 o_O The way it looks on the packaging has me thinking it will be awful. I hope I'm wrong!

 I use the Aveeno Daiy Moisturizing Lotion on my face, so I have high expectations of this. 

 I'm excited to try out the Salon effect strips! *Confession: I bought some a couple of months ago and they're still just sitting in the bag.

 Sweet Pea from Bath & Body Works - It was one of my favorites a few years ago. 

I LOVE Dr. Scholl's! So this should be easy, right?

Talk to you ladies later!
Are you an Influenster?
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16 May 2012

Dutch Twist & Bun

I loved this style! I was really excited about it, because it was my first bun and my first Dutch twist. Of course I found this style on YouTube. I'll leave the video below.

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15 May 2012

Nails of the Week - Wet n' Wild

I haven't done my nails in a while. Mainly because I need a new top coat. I use the Seche Vite and I loved it... at first. But now it's thickened and it goes on in globs! But I can never remember to pick up a new one. But anywho... I  got both of these Wet n' Wild polishes from Walgreens for only $0.99 each. I was surprised that I got this coverage with only two coats. 

What's with the one long nail, you ask? My pinky nails are the only two that grow, so I never want to cut them. I know it looks crazy, but whatever! 

Talk to y'all later! 
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11 May 2012

Look for Less: Jessica Simpson vs. Qupid

Hey ladies! I was catching up on my blogs the other day when I saw this post on The Daybook. I fell in love with Sydney's shoes! Now rewind... Remember the post I did on the Jessica Simpson shoes a while back? Here it is ----> Cocoa, Carrack, Cathi, & Cecity. The shoes that Syndey wore reminded me of Cocoa.

Cocoa by Jessica Simpson $98

Katrina-11 by Qupid

I know they're not exactly the same, but for over 50% less, I can deal with that!
I did a Google search and found Katrina-11 on a few different sites. I found the best deal and ordered them from Room of Fashion. I've never heard of the site, so let's hope that goes well! My total was less than $40 and that even included shipping! I hope the shipping doesn't take forever!
Happy Savings ladies!!! 

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10 May 2012

First Try... Pink Frustrations - OOTD

 Hey ladies! This is my first post using the new camera. Why didn't anyone tell me that this wouldn't be as easy as I expected? I assumed since I had a new camera I could take a few pictures and be done. WRONG. Here's how it went.

After work I went to Walmart and bought the cheapest tripod that they had. WRONG AGAIN. I got home and realized that I picked up a monopod. Ugh! The other options at Walmart were $30+, so I decided to go to Target to get one. Once I was done the sun had gone down. Getting good pictures in a park full of trees with no sun? It might not be that hard for some, but when you haven't gotten used to camera settings... it's hard. I didn't have the energy to keep playing with different settings. It was also awkward being out there by myself with my tripod. Every time I saw someone coming, I would wait to take the next picture. I took a few shots and gave up.

It's not the best quality, but I like the look of the picture. I also need to find other locations. I quickly realized that when the ground is wet, it's not the best situation for heels.
Still not the best, but it's one of the "better" pictures.
 Since I didn't get many decent shots at the park, I tried out the new setup at home. 

This is my favorite
I don't know what was going on with my scarf.

Top - Old Navy // Jeans - Levi's // Shoes - Jessica Simpson Waleo // Scarf -Walmart

 Being in front of the camera also wasn't as easy as I expected. The crazy thing about that is that I LOVE taking pictures. But it feels different trying to get the "blogger look"... y'all know that "this-is-my-serious/model-face-and-I'm-not-supposed-to-smile blogger look." Let's hope practice makes perfect!

Anyone have any helpful "photography" tips?

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