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10 March 2012

Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Creme

*Singing in my best Beyonce or Etta James voice*

Attttttt laassttt! My love... has come along!

Lol! Yes, y'all! I absolutely LOVE this stuff. I'm still wearing this protective style, so I've only used the Moisture Butter on my bang for the last couple of days. Look at this definition!

Please excuse the restroom, but I was at work and had to get these pictures! The very front of my hair (the piece that's not as defined as the others) doesn't have much of a curl pattern, so it's usually hard to get and keep this kind of definition.

This picture and the next one were taken a few hours later.
My hair might be looking a little crazy. I was so excited about the definition & getting pics for this post that I didn't want to separate it and disturb all of the greatness! Lol!

I looked back at the post for the Curl Enhancing Smoothie and I had great definition there too, but my hair had been twisted for a few days, so it'd been able to set. My hair was only set for a few hours (overnight) with the Moisture Butter. As far as moisture, it is very moisturizing when applied (duh, Quala... lol). My hair was still soft and moisturized the next day. However, I was being lazy and wasn't sealing my hair, so the moisture doesn't last all day. But that's my fault. 

As far as ingredients, it's not all natural but that doesn't bother me. If it works for my hair, it works for me. The price is also great! It's 8 ounces of product and I paid only $6.98 (price may vary) at my local Beauty Supply Store. Great product, great moisturizer, great for definition, great price. I'm sold! Oh yeah... thanks to the reviews by Naturally Accentric and Love, Destinee! I'd been seeing this line all over the internet recently, but wasn't interested in trying it. Their reviews definitely changed my mind! Buy it and try it if you haven't already! Later y'all!


  1. Your hair looks so shiny and soft!

    1. Thanks, Erica! It was so soft! I love this stuff!


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