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10 January 2012

Au Natural: 10-12

Hey everyone! So this is the final of the 4 posts showing my progress over the last year! What a mighty long way I've come! Lol! I've been enjoying my hair over these last 3 months! So I will warn you... this post has quite a few pictures!

  Twist out pinned up on the sides. This was probably one of the best twist outs that I'd done up until this point! (10/28/11)

 The same twist out! Headed to the Magic City Classic in Birmingham, AL. (10/29/11)

Puff! (11/4/11)

This is normally what I do to give my hair a break for a few days. If I could wear beanies to work, my hair would probably stay in twists! (11/06 & 11/10/11)

 The picture on the left is just another twist out and the right is my first attempt at an up do.

 I loved this flat twist up-do! It was the first time that I'd attempted something like this and it took about 4 hours! Needless to say, I haven't done this again! (11/17/11) The last picture is the twist out that resulted from this style. (11/24/11)

How YOU doin'? *In my best Wendy Williams voice*
 More puffs and a twist out! The puffs are once this twist out got old.
 January 2012!!! One year Natural!!!


  1. Soooo many cute looks. That blue hat is everything!!

  2. Thanks! I actually just learned to crochet and it was the first thing that I made!

  3. You made that hat!? Dah! I must learn to crochet immediately.

    1. It's pretty easy! At least what I've learned so far! I've only learned single and double stitches... Which was all I needed to make the hat! You should give it a try!


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