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23 January 2012

Breakfast - Day 1

Today starts my "Exercise/Healthier Eating Challenge" (I just came up with that name). I've been lazy, so I haven't gone to the store to stock up on fruit and healthy snacks. Because I didn't have many options, this was my sad breakfast.

It's better than the chips that I usually get from the snack machine!

The weather is getting bad here, so I'm not sure if I'll make it to the gym. If not, I'll work out at home. I'll be back later to update on that and the rest of my meals for the day. Good day y'all!


  1. At least your water bottle is cute. Maybe if I find me a cute one I will actually drink it!!

    1. The water bottle does actually help! If I don't have it with me I drink sodas and juice, knowing that I don't need it!


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