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03 January 2012

To blog, or not to blog:

That is the question! Since we’re here, obviously, I chose to blog. For the last year or longer, I’ve been subscribed to dozens of blogs that I love to read daily. I even started my own Tumblr. That didn’t last long. Today I was thinking and I decided to give this another try… for multiple reasons. I often start things and don’t finish. I would love to drop that habit! And if I’m afraid of failure, I never try! You know the saying “I’d rather fail trying instead of never trying at all”? (At least I think that’s a saying.) Well I’m adopting that as my motto this year. If I never try things I never know what the outcome could be. It will also be sort of journal for me to document other things that I want to try. Hopefully, this will encourage me to stick with things! So here I am. I just got done with the layout... here goes my first post! Welcome to All Things Me!!!

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