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18 January 2012

Single Strand Knots!!

I'm obsessed with them! I HATE them!

I've excepted the fact that they're inevitable with my natural hair. After wearing my hair out a lot over the last two or three months I've had way more SSKs than I care to think about! The fact that I need to trim probably adds to the count also. There will be a lot of protective styling for me for a while and a trim in my near future.

My 9 to 5 is a sales chat representative. Imagine me sitting at my desk going through my hair for SSKs, finding one and getting excited, searching for my scissors, while holding on to the strand of hair for dear life. Then I realize I have a chat to respond to. Ugh! Do I let go of the strand and give up all of the hard work I did to find it and respond to my customer in a timely manner? Or do I continue searching through my purse (which is so big that it's like a black hole) for the scissors, cut the SSK, and then respond? You guess who wins! Dramatic much? Yeah, I told you I'm obsessed! Anybody else have this issue?

*I was writing this post on my phone with one hand and searching for SSKs with the other hand. Sigh! Let me get back to work! Good day y'all!

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