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25 January 2012

Exercise/Healthier Eating - Days 2 & 3

I'm back with an update for yesterday and today! Just a quick run down....

Day 2:
Breakfast and snacks before lunch: 2 oranges and a banana
Lunch: Left overs from Day 1- 2 pieces of baked tilapia and chicken flavored rice
Snack: Graham crackers and a bowl of Cheerios (Disgusting, might I add. No more Cheerios for me!)
Dinner: 2 beef tacos w/sour cream, corn, cheese, lettuce, and taco sauce
Snack: Orange
Workout: No workout 

Day 3:
Breakfast: Nothing... I know that's bad
Snack: Graham crackers
Lunch: Chicken flavored Ramen noodles
Dinner: Left overs from Day 1 - 2 beef tacos w/sour cream, corn, cheese, lettuce, and taco sauce
Snacks: Banana and a bowl of cereal (Frosted Flakes)
Workout: 45 minutes walking on treadmill (3.1 mph)... let me tell you! I thought this wasn't much, but about an hour after getting done, I wasn't definitely feeling it! I'm still feeling it as I type this! 

I know that all of my meal choices aren't the best. The challenge is Healtier Eating instead of Healthy eating because I'm trying to eat healthier than I have been. I know it won't be the best, but I'm taking baby steps here! My eating habits before were a lot worse and I ate larger portions. I'm slowly working on this! I don't want to change my diet completely, because I know that honestly isn't a realistic goal for me and I won't stick with it! Therefore, I'm doing what I know will work best for me and my lifestyle!

See you tomorrow! 


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog,
    You Like It? I Made It! and for the compliments. I love your blog and it seems so encouraging since I am trying to get these areas under control in my life too. We should follow each other. =0) Hope you drop by again soon.

    1. I love your blog also and I'm subscribed via Google Reader! I love the pieces that you make! I want to learn to sew and your blog is a lot of motivation to learn! I'm glad that I could be encouraging! It's hard trying to lose these pounds and I need all of the motivation that I can get! Thanks for stopping by! I'm new to the blogosphere, so it's nice to have visitors!


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